Coastal Curvature

107 x 152cm Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

Introducing a new day, ‘Coastal Curvature’ is an imagined, early morning aerial, pointillist landscape with visual inference to bathemetry.
The composition is shrouded with a hint of surrealism, emphasising Earth’s roundness and
incorporating a relatively small area of headland littoral.

Weathering cliffs and a rolling, scrubby vegetative crown is adjacently poised beside the active ocean, looking to the curved horizon at first light.
Pointillistic colour and tonal values afford a comfortable luminosity, enhancing an elevation of aerial perspective.
Viewed close up one is confronted with an array of spotted abstraction with sparce detail, opposed to viewing from a distance the spots create a visual fusion, to enhance the subject matter.


Graham Austin

"International award winning contemporary artist Graham Austin creates

amazing aerial landscape paintings using an unconventional technique.

To create his paintings Graham uses a pointillist pattern that is extremely abstract.

Graham draws on his heritage for inspiration, with his subjects focused primarily on

the Australian landscape, great outback and ocean reef."


"What we love about the paintings that artist Graham Austin creates is

the fact that they look different when they are viewed from different angles.

When viewed up close his painting have a chaotic, busy feel to them, but

when viewed from a distance they transform into a recognizable subject matter."


"The sense of excitement that is present in Graham Austin’s work is intoxicating.

His work draws you in and invites you to stay a while and observe.

The use of colour in these paintings is harmonious and almost hypnotic.

From one shade to next, the colours seem to blend together seamlessly without borders.

The abstract nature of Graham Austin’s paintings make them ideal for

a contemporary design aesthetic.

We love the idea of making one of these paintings the

focal point of a bedroom, or office."


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