Cultural Crucifix

Oil on Stretched Canvas 122 x 91.5cm

It often seemed important to rescue the

Australian Aborigine spiritually, with Christianity.

The Aboriginal attitude was often to incorporate Christianity

by blending it with their existing beliefs.

Cultural Crucifix celebrates that endeavour.

The wedged rock form symbolises the crucifixion at Calvary and the

blue sky symbolises the cross. The bark painting is symbolic of 'INRI',

whilst the three figures draw attention to the three men crucified on

that day. On the left side of the cross upright is a sharp rock

symbolising the soldier's spear thrust into Christ's side and the

aboriginal hand symbolises the hand of Mary Magdalene touching the

wound. This biblical event was always under the watchful eye of the

Omnipotence. God is symbolised by the face in the rockform in the

lower right part of the cross. The gold border is symbolical of

the Aboriginal spiritual world as well as Heaven. The fish are

representative of both Aboriginal culture and Christianity.