Koi G Concept

122 x 91.5cm Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

Gallery reveals new site specific artwork

Earlier this year, expressions of interest were sought from local artists to create a new
artwork to inspire and encourage visitor philanthropy at Gosford Regional Gallery.
On Thursday 10 December 2015 the winning work entitled Koi G was revealed.
The 1.5 metre sculpture is a resin reproduction of a concept by artist Graham Austin.
Jointly funded by The Gosford Foundation Trust and Gosford City Council, it will be on
permanent display in the Gallery Foyer.

The work features three large, resin koi fish, inspired by the popular koi pond in the Galley’s Japanese Garden.

Each fish forms a ‘G’ shape to represent both Gosford and Gallery.

Gosford’s Chief Executive Officer Paul Anderson said the artwork demonstrates that
each visitor donation plays an important role in the Gallery’s long-term sustainability and
vision. “I’m sure people will want to visit and enjoy the new sculpture as well as discovering its sound and visual interactive elements.”

“I would like to congratulate Graham Austin whose work was chosen following a rigorous
selection process including community feedback and public comment.

I would also like to
acknowledge the Foundation Trust for their generous support of this project,” he added.
It is anticipated the work will help boost engagement and interaction at the Gallery.

Artist Graham Austin said he took inspiration from the koi fish bending and twisting into
the hint of a letter ‘G’.
“I wanted Koi G to be immediately recognisable for children and adults. I have no doubt
that the humble koi fish swimming in the Japanese gardens form one of the long lasting
memories for Gallery visitors of all ages,” he explained.

The Gosford Foundation Trust was established by Gosford City Council to encourage
and facilitate benevolent acts by individuals, families or organisations
who wish to donate real estate, art or funds for public use.

Koi G

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