'Pink Vista'

Mounted Watercolour Paper 51 x 76cm


Pink Vista is an attempt to capture a complex mountain view with stark, changing light during a typical sunset and the threat of a pending storm. The sky comes alive with glowing hues and piercing shafts of sunshine. Clouds are scudding across the sky and mountain forms take turns to reflect the late afternoon splashes of flooding light.

To paint this subject during its occurrence is an extreme challenge, however, quiet observation over many years of repeated occurrences and constant practice ultimately offers triumph.

We are looking South. The savage light source, breaking through cloud gaps is to our right, casting solid shadows on the left side of the rugged mountain forms and allowing the lit surfaces to dance forward, out of the mystical shadows of murky half light.

These shadows generate a wonderful compositional value by creating a linking, visual rhythm for the viewers eye to wander through the landscape and empower the sense of perspective. The sprinkling of softened light areas add sparkle to the picture, preventing a blanket of boredom taking control. The mountain peaks balance themselves through the work like stepping stones across a stream. Placed with subconscience design skills as if positioned intentionally, to look accidental but naturally balanced.

I have used a limited colour scheme of pinks, browns, dirty purple and blues. This self imposed discipline assists comprehension of the dramatic excitement and infills of subtlety. Too much colour could easily complicate the aura and contribute a sense of carnivale to the picture, which is exactly what I didn’t want.