Graham Austin oam, Acrylic Paintings

Graham Austin oam, Australian Acrylics, Oils and Watercolour Artist

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Outback to coast, contemporary Australian, aerial view landscape paintings,

portraits, rock pools and reef paintings for sale, rent or lease.


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Graham P Austin: Acrylic Paintings

"I do not necessarily excel at what others do but at times, I do excell at what I do"

- Graham Austin


Graham Austin's painting style in acrylics is divisionist, having a resemblance and parallel to pointillism.

His style is often interpreted as a bridging of aboriginal and western art but particularly, he attempts to capture the spirit of the Australian landscape.

His spotted patterns of complimentary colours dance adjacently, creating a kinetic abstraction when viewed close up.

From a distance the cacophony of spots fuse into statements of Australian landscape, giving his work its inspired individuality.

His acrylics offer textured movement of size-varied marks melting into topographical form.


Some may offhandedly presume Graham is imitating the pointillists of french impressionism. Whilst some of his work may appear relative, it has never been his intention.

His spotted marks are derived from the Australian landscape, particularly the Kimberley region in the northwest.

Usually, his spotted textures are the indication of his style difference and bear a strong sense of the landscape spirit.

Similarly, aboriginal art is often constructed with a form of pointillism generated on design format.

Graham acknowledges their interpretation and salutes a connection in his own work whilst generating an individual style extracted from the

landscape patterns, rhythms and textures observed from an aerial perspective.

The liberal sprinkling of trees, rocks and shrubs across the outback, intermingled with river courses,

mountain forms and shadows demand an acute awareness of spotted textures.


His process and stages of development when creating an artwork are mostly cerebral,

working directly from his brain straight to the painting surface.

He rarely does preliminary sketches. He likes to visualise the subject in his mind and then paint direct.

This approach gives flexibility and was developed from the fluidity involved when working in watercolour.


Interpreting his work in a shallow scientific sense, some may feel he delivers an expansive view

segregated into a collective of atoms, objectively creating that visual fusion, blending colours and spotted shapes to interpret the landscape.

The repetitive watery spots on dots generate a visual texture. An optical illusion of subject evolves when the

picture surface shuffles itself into an orchestrated fusion of logic and order, just as nature with the infinite multitude of atoms.

Graham Philip Austin Australian Fine Artist:

Acrylics, Oils and Watercolour Paintings

Australian Fine Artist in Acrylics, Oils and Watercolour

Awarded Order of Australia Medal [OAM] 2006

Australian Watercolour Institute [AWI], Emeritus President

Member of Australian Watercolour Institute (AWI), since 1972.

AWI President from 1989 to 2003.

AWI Honorary Life Member since 1997.

President of Peninsula Art Society from 1986 to 1989.

Foundation President/ Senior Vice President of Drummoyne Art Society 1964 to 1967.



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