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Graham Austin OAM, Australian Acrylics, Oils and Watercolour Artist

welcomes you to browse his original, contemporary online art gallery.

Outback to coast, contemporary Australian, aerial view landscape paintings,

portraits, rock pools and reef paintings for sale, rent or lease.


Sunset Rock Pool

76 x 76cm Acrylics on Stretched Canvas

Demonstration painting in the filming of

Colour in Your Life, featuring Graham Austin


Put Some Colour In Your Life

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Graham Austin OAM, YouTube, Colour In Your Life

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91 x 101cm Acrylic on Stretched Canvas



Into The Valley

76 x 76cm Acrylic on Stretched Canvas



Creek with Reflected Sky

73 x102cm Watercolour on Mounted Watercolour Paper



Graham Austin Acrylics, Upper Reach.jpg

Upper Reach

122 x 122cm Acrylics on Stretched Canvas


Falling Water

183 x 122cm Acrylics on Stretched Canvas


Coastal Rock Pool

76 x 102cm Watercolour on Mounted Watercolour Paper


Little Rock Pool

51 x 76cm Watercolour on Mounted Watercolour Paper


Rock Pool Ripples

51 x 76cm Watercolour on Mounted Watercolour Paper


North by Northwest

73 x 106cm Watercolour on Mounted Watercolour Paper


Coastal Curvature

107 x 152cm Acrylics on Stretched Canvas

‘Coastal Curvature’ is an imagined aerial landscape painted in a pointillistic style.
Incorporating a relatively small area of headland littoral,

weathering cliffs and a rolling, scrubby vegetative crown, adjacently poised beside the active Pacific Ocean, looking to the horizon.

The composition is shrouded with a hint of surrealism emphasising Earth’s roundness.

Pointillistic colour and tonal values afford a comfortable luminosity, enhancing an elevation of mood and aerial perspective.

Viewed close up one is confronted with an array of spotted abstraction with sparce detail,

opposed to viewing from a distance, the spots create a visual fusion, enhancing the subject matter.


Tudibaring Silhoette

76 x 102cm Watercolour on Mounted Watercolour Paper


Tudibaring Headland

122 x 152 cm Acrylic on Stretched Canvas


Rock Pool Corner

76 x 102 cm Watercolour on Mounted Watercolour Paper


Rock Pool Flow

76 x 102cm Watercolour on Mounted Watercolour Paper


Rock Pool North Avoca

76 x 76cm Acrylics on Stretched Canvas


Rock Pool Shadows

76 x 102cm Watercolour on Mounted Watercolour Paper


Rock Pool

76 x 102cm Watercolour on Mounted Watercolour Paper


Dark Crystal Reef

91 x 152cm Acrylics on Stretched Canvas


Koi G Concept

122 x 91.5cm Acrylics on Stretched Canvas


3 Koi G

Donations Wishing Well Sculpture

Gallery reveals new site specific artwork

In 1915, expressions of interest were sought from local artists to create a new
artwork to inspire and encourage visitor philanthropy at Gosford Regional Gallery.
On Thursday 10 December 2015 the winning work entitled Koi G was revealed.
The 1.5 metre sculpture is a resin reproduction of a concept by artist Graham Austin.
Jointly funded by The Gosford Foundation Trust and Gosford City Council, it will be on
permanent display in the Gallery Foyer.

The work features three large, resin koi fish, inspired by the popular koi pond in the Galley’s Japanese Garden.

Each fish forms a ‘G’ shape to represent both Gosford and Gallery.

Gosford’s Chief Executive Officer Paul Anderson said the artwork demonstrates that
each visitor donation plays an important role in the Gallery’s long-term sustainability and
“I’m sure people will want to visit and enjoy the new sculpture as well as discovering its
sound and visual interactive elements.”

“I would like to congratulate Graham Austin whose work was chosen following a rigorous
selection process including community feedback and public comment. I would also like to
acknowledge the Foundation Trust for their generous support of this project,” he added.
It is anticipated the work will help boost engagement and interaction at the Gallery.

Artist Graham Austin said he took inspiration from the koi fish bending and twisting into
the hint of a letter ‘G’.
“I wanted Koi G to be immediately recognisable for children and adults. I have no doubt
that the humble koi fish swimming in the Japanese gardens form one of the long lasting
memories for Gallery visitors of all ages,” he explained.

The Gosford Foundation Trust was established by Gosford City Council to encourage
and facilitate benevolent acts by individuals, families or organisations who wish to donate
real estate, art or funds for public use


Sacred Place

89 x 142cm Acrylics on Stretched Canvas

Included in the Hornsby Bestowed Collection, The Gift,

presented to Gosford Regional Gallery, February 2016



Art investment

Throughout time, the technology of art production has changed,

artists have continually restructured painting styles

searching for a visual extension of their individual psych.

It is useful to remember the words of Claude Monet...

"Technique changes, but art remains the same".

When you invest in art you immediately reward your emotions

and sense of self, whilst endorsing your respect for the artist.

In time your investment may grow to further

reward your fiscal expertise.



Hanging Cloud

122 x 152cm Acrylics on Stretched Canvas



Island Rim and Coral Lagoon

These two paintings, generate a visual intention of yin and yang,
were exhibited [ by invitation to Australian Watercolour Institute members ]
in Shanghai and Shenzhen, China, 2014 for a China-AWI Joint Exhibition.
The exhibition title:
Across the Water, China-Australia Modern Masters of Watercolour

In 2015 a reciprocal show of the same exhibition
displayed in Sydney, Australia
at The Moran Arts Foundation's Juniper Hall
250 Oxford Street, Paddington NSW
21st February - 22nd March 2015



Outback Brown and Beyond

91.5 x 152cm Acrylic on Stretched canvas


Serpents Crossing

91.5 x 122cm Acrylic on Canvas



Graham Austin OAM, Australian Acrylics, Oils and Watercolour Artist

Graham P Austin welcomes you to browse his original, contemporary online art gallery.

Outback to coast, contemporary Australian, aerial view landscape paintings,

portraits and reef paintings: for sale, rent or lease.

Graham Philip Austin acrylics, oils and watercolour

For price list please email:

Graham P Austin would like to thank

and quote the unknown author reprodued below

for their contribution to the We Wish Website


"International award winning contemporary artist Graham Austin

creates amazing aerial landscape paintings using an unconventional technique.

To create his paintings Graham uses a pointillist pattern that is extremely abstract.

Graham draws on his heritage for inspiration,

with his subjects focused primarily on the Australian landscape,

great outback and ocean reef."


"What we love about the paintings that artist Graham Austin creates

is the fact that they look different when they are viewed from different angles.

When viewed up close his paintings have a chaotic, busy feel to them, but

when viewed from a distance they transform

into a recognizable subject matter."


"The sense of excitement that is present in Graham Austin’s work is intoxicating.

His work draws you in and invites you to stay a while and observe.

The use of colour in these paintings is harmonious and almost hypnotic.

From one shade to next, the colours seem to blend together seamlessly without borders.

The abstract nature of Graham Austin’s paintings make them

ideal for a contemporary design aesthetic.

We love the idea of making one of these paintings

the focal point of a bedroom, or office."

Unquote WeWish:


Graham Philip Austin oam Australian Fine Artist:

Acrylics, Oils and Watercolour Paintings


Awarded Order of Australia Medal [OAM] 2006

Australian Watercolour Institute [AWI], Emeritus President

Member of Australian Watercolour Institute (AWI), since 1972.

AWI President from 1989 to 2003.

AWI Honorary Life Member since 1997.

President of Peninsula Art Society from 1986 to 1989.

Foundation President/ Senior Vice President of Drummoyne Art Society 1964 to 1967.


It is always that time of year
to have mercy,
show mercy and
give mercifully with
full intent: creating
an enhanced habit for
the following year.
Then, patiently
realise the
warmth within and
the subtle comfort of
your well earned
emotional reward.




Quotation 1:

"Hi Graham...Have just spent the last hour or so looking at your website and enjoying your work immensely. 

Congratulations on your unique vision and your courage to pursue art in your qwn wqy. 

Each medium is used as your means of expression , each one used to take advantage of its individual qualities,

all adding up to a very well-rounded artist. Chen Chi NA, renowned Chinese-American, said

"Never call yourself an Artist, wait for somebody to tell you.

"Graham, I'm telling You! Well done and warmest regards, Bob Wade"

- Robert Wade OAM, Australian Watercolour Artist


Quotation 2:

Graham P Austin, recipient of over thirty awards for his paintings,

refers to his work as 'spotillism', as distintt from pointillism' and of course 'dot painting'.

Layering his work to develop topographical dimension, or a sense of the depth in

water and sand, he builds a very modern impressionist report on the unmistakable Australian Landscape.

Greatly individualist, his work shows where life makes itself abundant in

valleys and tributaries, and how currents create rhythmic patinas on such an immense yet

subtle scale that man can only hope to communicate the feelings such work inspires in him.

Graham does, and the audience is left in a similar sense of awe, as his work adds to the experience.

Like the judges in the numerous competitions he has been awarded, we are left with respect for his clear mastery with brush and canvas.

The beautifully constructed landscapes, with opulent canopies of bush and rocks, hide what is clearly lying beneath.

A draughtsman of infinite skill and determination accurately describing every element he can.

---Bevin Hudson, Rushcutters Bay Gallery


Put Some Colour In Your Life

Google: Graham Austin oam, YouTube, Colour In Your Life

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Graham Philip Austin Australian Fine Artist:

Acrylics, Oils and Watercolour Paintings









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